Aegis traced Blind SQL Vulnarability in Aspiring Minds (

29 Jun

About Aspiringminds :Aspiringminds conduct a nation-wide Computer Adaptive Test to provide a statistically-valid multi-dimensional skill assessment to judge the employment suitability of a large pool of candidates. The multi-dimensional score coupled with innovative filters and graphical visualization lets you find the most appropriate set of candidates for your job profile instantly.

AMCAT Test Conducted at more than 650 companies
Over 20 States
More than 1.65 lakh people written this test

This big organization website got vulnerable with SQL BLIND INJECTION

Vulnerability description

This script is possibly vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks.

SQL injection is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to alter backend SQL statements by manipulating the user input. An SQL injection occurs when web applications accept user input that is directly placed into a SQL statement and doesn’t properly filter out dangerous characters.

This is one of the most common application layer attacks currently being used on the Internet. Despite the fact that it is relatively easy to protect against, there is a large number of web applications vulnerable.

This vulnerability affects /xxxx.php.

Discovered by: Scripting (Blind_Sql_Injection.script).

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Posted by on June 29, 2011 in Vulnerable Websites


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